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SYNOPSIS In a future utopia, science continues the quest for eternal youth, but in doing so unleashes a toxin into the world with devastating consequences: accelerated aging. During a mass evacuation with airships, lovers Dante and Irea are separated, with Irea taking drastic and disastrous measures to find him. A film with outstanding technological innovations […]

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Bring Us The Key

Synopsis A boy rushes through wrecked streets and the devastated countryside, bullets still flying. He is bringing the key that will unlock the box containing the pen that will be used to sign a peace treaty. But the waiting leaders are on a short fuse and may not be able to wait. An animated collage, […]

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Shattered Past

Synopsis A man is writing down his memoirs. In the middle of this he suddenly suffers a stroke. This catapults him back into his childhood during the Russian revolution and his family’s ensuing escape.

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